Integration with Europe


At present, the state policy of Ukraine is aimed at securing the measures for the effective implementation of the Communication Strategy in the field of European integration for 2018-2021, approved by the Government. The harmonization of Ukrainian legislation with the European one, the implementation and adherence to the relevant high standards in all spheres of life, the fight against corruption, modernization of the economy – these and many other steps taken by Ukraine on the way to the EU are aimed at forming a conscious support to the society of European integration processes. And so, the communication tools that the media possess, must work effectively to achieve the noble goal of rapprochement with the EU.


Ukrainian Institute for Advanced Training of Television, Radio Broadcasting and Press Staff provides new dedicated knowledge on European integration, which is a comprehensive modernization process for Ukraine. Seminars, trainings on European integration has been conducted since 2005. A new impetus in organizing training on this topic was given at the end of 2017. Experts who get information from the original sources, and sometimes they become those sources themselves as newsmakers, have joined the cooperation on this topic.Thus, the participants of seminars and trainings have advantages in acquiring exclusive knowledge.

“Who controls the information, rules the world” – said, remember, Winston Churchill. Ukrainian realities, Russia’s aggression, its challenges not only to Ukraine, but also to the whole world are forced to come to the conclusion: who distorts information, it destroys the world. Unfortunately, we perceive the power of this ruthless weapon.

The might of truth, an effective coverage of the advantages of European integration processes, the irreversibility of a complex transformational path, its conscious support by Ukrainian society – these aspects should be the strong shield against it.
This year UTRPI curriculum envisages the number of exclusive events not only in Kiev but also in the regions. Students will be able to receive methodological recommendations developed by highly skilled specialists of our institution for postgraduate education, develop and formulate in the course of training key messages, worthy of attention of readers, spectators, listeners – in general Ukrainian society.

Informing the public about the current situation regarding Ukraine’s integration into Europe is a guarantee of the rise of compatriots’ awareness of the priority of the development of national consciousness in the context of European values and fundamentals.

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