The Ukrainian Institute of Advanced Training for TV & Radio Broadcast and the Press experts (UkrTeleRadioPressInstitute – UTRPI) is a unique educational institution in Ukraine that specializes in the education of media workers.

UTRPI was founded in 1971 and is the State-run High School for postgraduate education. The founder of the UTRPI is the State Television and Radio Broadcasting Committee of Ukraine.

Annually we train more than 500 media specialists for free under State Program of Media Development and more than 200 persons on a commercial basis.

UTRP graduates are employed by many Ukrainian central and local TV channels and radio stations, in the printed media and publishing agency. Our students exercise their knowledge and skills at such channels as NTU, Inter, Pryamyi (TV Channel “Direct”), STB, Emergency INFO, Radio Era, Ukrainian Radio, Radio Liberty, in printed periodicals “Zaporozhskaya Pravda”, “Sumychyna”, “Vperyod”, “Cossack Tower”, “Crossroads” etc.

UTRPI Objectives
– Advanced level training of experienced TV and Radio broadcasters, TV presenters, journalists.
– Proliferation of knowledge about the modern global media resources and highlighting of Ukraine’s aspirations for European integration, Euro-Atlantic cooperation, and gender equality.

UTRPI Mission
To support and facilitate the rapid integration of the Ukrainian media into the global media environment (in particular of Europe and NATO), while preserving their national identity.

UTRPI Strategy
– Introduction of the newest technologies in mass media industry,
– Exchange of experience between experts of international and national institutions,
– Preservation and distribution of the best traditions and values of Ukrainian TV production,
– Cooperation with public organizations and funds to accelerate the integration of Ukraine into the European and Euro-Atlantic space,
– Delivering European values into the Ukrainian media communities.


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