Denationalization of the media

Freedom of the press depends in large on who possesses the media companies.
To undertake the transformation and establish the successful media business – that is the challenge that most of local media sources face in Ukraine nowadays.
This task is urged by the process of privatization launched years ago and must be completed until the end of 2108. The media establishments must be reformed to independent bodies with their own sources of financing.
How to do this? How a successful media business can be build? How to secure the real, not imaginary freedom? Where can local media institution get the money from?
Which topics should be highlighted to catch readers’ eyes and brains? In which way should the information in demand be channeled to the audience (society)?

The comprehensive and detailed answers to these questions are provided during the thematic training seminars held by the Ukrteleradiopressinstitute. Our department of the press and electronic media invites the scientists in the field of communications, lawyers, experienced journalists, editors to interactive discussions with our students.

UTRPI supports a number of such seminars not only in Kiev, but in Lutsk, Kharkov, Odessa.

Training and experience exchange are always useful and benefitting. We are waiting for your applications for participation in training seminars.

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