Euro-Atlantic cooperation

The implementation of the Concept for Improving Public Information on Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic Integration for 2017-2020, approved by the Decree of the President of Ukraine of February 21, 2017, No. 43, is one of the top priority guidelines of Ukraine’s activities for the nearest time period.

Crisis Management and Peacekeeping Operations, regional issues, arms control and non-proliferation, terrorism, defense – planning, budgeting, policy and strategy development, civil emergency planning nature and preparedness for response to civil emergency situations, natural disasters and cooperation in the field of armaments, nuclear safety, coordination of air traffic management civilian and scientific cooperation, implementation of the National Action Plan to implement the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 “Women, peace and security”, the fight against domestic violence and trafficking in human beings is far from being a complete list of topics that cover cooperation with the Alliance.

Highly-qualified specialists of the Ukrainian Institute for the Advanced Training of TV&Radio Broadcasts and Press Workers provide students with an exclusive program for each of the topics listed, as well as provide new profile knowledge to representatives of central and local media on the topics of cooperation between Ukraine and the member states of the Washington Treaty.

The Institute has activated the activities of the Euro-Atlantic integration training program. During seminars, round tables, trainings for media representatives, journalists gain knowledge of the most pressing issues of integration, as well as recommendations for their coverage.

In addition, we provide methodological recommendations and key explanatory theses on the policy of the Alliance and the benefits of cooperation with it for the citizens of Ukraine.

Ukraine, while acknowlodging thegoal of joining NATO, is taking a series of measures to get the Membership Action Plan, tirelessly approaching the security standards of the Alliance, thus strengthening its defense capabilities by building political, civilian and military capabilities to deter the enemy. It is difficult to overestimate this activity in ensuring Ukraine’s defense capability.

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